Big Country goes big

Courtesy Photo Bill Dotson, better known as Big Country to some, is working towards his big dreams of country music fame. Dotson is a self taught guitar playing singer and has just released his first music video with his single How We Get Down. How We Get Down is available on iTunes.

WILLIAMSON — Bill Dotson, known to some as “Big Country” is making strides to further his country music career.

Born in Blackberry, Kentucky, Dotson says he is a regular country boy who just loves to play guitar and sing.

“I’ve been playing for 15 years. My daddy gave me a guitar before he passed away and I started teaching myself how to play,” said Dotson. “I play most genres, but country music is where my heart is.”

Dotsons newest song entitled “How We Get Down” is now being played on local radio stations such as 93.1 FM and 96.5 FM.

“People love the song because it really talks about what people around here know. We know bonfires and having a good time,” said Dotson. “So once people started requesting it on the radio and I saw it was on the playlist – I couldn’t believe it.”

The music video for “How We Get Down,” which was shot in the Walmart parking lot, received over 3,000 views in the first week and Dotson says that he hopes more and more people will see the video, share it and request the song on the radio.

“Joey Ferris produced the music video for me and my band and I was shocked how good it turned out,” said Dotson. “It looks professionally made.”

Dotson says that while he appreciates everyone enjoying the song, he wants to make sure that everyone recognizes how many people it took to put make the song what it is.

“I’m in a band and my band is great. Zeke Durham is my drummer, Josh Jones is my lead guitarist and Brandon Jones is my bassist and those guys are so talented. It’s not just me,” said Dotson.

“How We Get Down” is a copyrighted original song and is available on iTunes. Dotson says that he would describe it as rock meets country. His biggest inspirations include Justin Moore and Jason Aldean.

“I wrote the song on my momma’s front porch,” said Dotson. “I told you, I am just a down home country boy that loves to sit on the porch, hunt, fish and go muddin’.”

Dotson’s hopes that the exposure of “How We Get Down” will help him gain an opportunity to record a full length album and have a song be on the billboard charts.

“Ultimately, I would love to get signed and go to Nashville,” said Dotson. “But my heart will always be home.”

Dotson will be playing at the Southside Mall on July 3 for Freedom Fest and is open for bookings. You can contact Dotson on his Facebook music page where his user name is billdostonhr. From his music page you can view upcoming events, the How We Get Down music video as well other videos showcasing Dotson’s talent.

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