Love of a lifetime; Strength for the Moment

Chris Blevins

By Chris Blevins

Guest Columnist

Today I write from a place that is very familiar, my mom and dad’s family room. I look around and I see so many pictures hanging on the walls and sitting on tables but they don’t begin to touch the memories that I have in my heart and mind. My dad died several years ago as he won his battle with cancer by taking hold of the hand of Christ and going on to his eternal home. No, cancer never beat him. He never lost his fighting Spirit nor his brave heart.

I see so many objects that memorialize the love and marriage of my mom and dad. They had been married since August 3, 1967 and had known each other since childhood. Theirs truly was a love of a lifetime. With that being said, I am still working on my love of a lifetime. My wife, Sharon and I were married May 28, 1994. We had dated since high school. The very first words she spoke to me were “shut up”. Yes, that is how my love of a lifetime began.

Having a love a lifetime isn’t always easy. Mistakes are made, words are said and much forgiveness and grace are needed by both husband and wife. Yes the road can be bumpy and filled with many obstacles but it is always passable if you are willing to ride with your partner through it all and both lock your own doors and declare you will make it through.

I have been blessed to see many successful marriages and have wonderful examples set before me. My parents, my second parents ( In laws) Woody and Betty Hampton and so on. I also know I speak for many, many readers regarding love, marriage and memories. However, the best example for a successful marriage as well as a successful life can be found in the Bible.

Christ made it simple. Husbands, love your wife as Christ loved the church. How much did He love the church? We are the church and He was willing to die for us. Most of the time a wife will not have much trouble loving a man that she know would die for her in heartbeat.

With this being said, I do not judge anyone whose marriage has not made it. I am not ignorant of the world I live in and know many marriages have ended and not always mutually. Sin and temptation is always slithering. However your road and your love of a lifetime can start today. Recommit to your husband or your wife. Most importantly make sure you are committed to Christ. Marriage is an institution created by God. When you stand before the minister, justice of the peace, or whoever performs the ceremony you are standing before God and making a vow. Remember Scripture teaches us that we should submit to the government and pray for our leaders. When you choose your husband or wife, you make it binding before God when you say your vows. Christ then joins you together. Christ made a commitment that He would never leave or never forsake us. Don’t give up on your marriage for Christ never gives up on us.

Chris Blevins Blevins
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