Late to the Party?

Strength for the Moment

Chris Blevins

There is no doubt if you live in the U.S. you are familiar with Kim Davis, the Rowan County KY Clerk who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. Mrs. Davis refused to issue the licenses because she felt it violated her religious rights. She was released Tuesday, September 8.

Today’s article will not focus on the Supreme Court’s ruling which allowed same-sex couples to marry in the U.S. This article will not focus on my or most Christian churches stance on this issue. Today’s article will ponder the thought “was the church late for the party?”

Most of my life I have listened to numerous people discuss homosexuality as if it is the only sexual sin the Bible discusses. I have witnessed other sexual sins committed by church leadership and parishioners that were ignored by those in authority. We can tolerate the sexual sin much easier if it is between a man and a woman. This fact is evident by the intolerable divorce rates in churches on a yearly basis. According to Barna Research group the divorce rate for Christians is higher than the divorce rate for atheists and agnostics! The church in general has turned a blind eye to the trysts and tawdry affairs that have permeated its walls. Divorce is the norm. Respect for the Godly institution of marriage between a man and a woman was left behind years ago and now we are surprised that it is legal between same-sex couples? Perhaps we should have better cherished the sacred bond of marriage the way God intended, between ONE man and ONE woman a little sooner.

There are prominent teachings in our churches that state it is acceptable to divorce someone because the marriage wasn’t God’s will. God didn’t “bring you two together”. The Bible states in St. Mark 10:9 “what God has put together let no man put asunder”. So the defense is you meet someone else you like better and maybe have an affair with them, but divorce is okay because you jumped the gun and married the wrong person that God had for you. Just get a divorce and find someone else. Oh, wait a minute. This person wasn’t who God had for you either. Guess you’ll get another divorce. You are on your tenth spouse now, but you will find the one God has for you! Oh, the children from all of the marriages? They will be okay. No scars. No trauma.

God created us as free moral agent to choose whom we will serve and yes, marry.. God also gave the courts and rulers power to institute laws that should be followed, unless it violates His Word. When YOU choose YOUR spouse and stand before the official performing YOUR wedding it is legally binding and the Vows are binding before God. Yes, the two of you become one flesh.

The previous sounds and is absurd but is alive and well here in the Bible Belt. Divorces happen. I realize Christ himself states that if a spouse were to have an affair that the other spouse has every right to seek divorce. And many reading this article may have been through this situation as the victim or the perpetrator. As I states a few weeks ago, there is mercy and grace available and just start fresh from this point. None of us are perfect. But we should never stop striving to be in our lives and our marriages. God bless you all.

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Chris Blevins Blevins
Strength for the Moment
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