Bass Anglers at Dewey Lake

TVBA report

On May 1st the Tug Valley Bass Anglers held its third tournament of the 2016 season on Dewey Lake.

Fishtrap Lake was originally scheduled for this tournament but because of the lake still being down 15 feet it was moved to Dewey Lake. Dewey Lake was full pool when the boats were launched that morning and the water was clear to stained on the lower half of the lake with muddy conditions on the upper part of the lake and a temperature in the upper 60’s. Torrential rains the night before raised the lake about 3 feet by the end of the day. By midday the back of the lake had blown out and the heavy mud and debris line was half way down the lake.

Weather for the tournament was actually good, the rain had stopped before the tournament began and didn’t rain again until the tournament was over with 70 degree air temperatures and partly cloudy skies.

The fishing for this tournament because of the lake conditions was terrible. Most of the fish were spawning or had already spawned. The bass were on the shallower banks around their spawning areas and were relating to any available cover.

The main pattern for this tournament was to finesse fish just to get a bite.

The top finishers are as follows.

1st — Gary Varney —- (1 fish) 4.34 lbs.

2nd — Cody Justice —- (2 fish) 4.11 lbs.

3rd— Brandon Staten —- (2 fish) 3.79 lbs.

4th — Joe Collins —- (2 fish) 3.59 lbs.

5th —Steve Cullup —- (2 fish) 3.11 lbs.

6th— Lacy Edmiston —- (1 fish) 2.30 lbs.

7th—Mike Cullop —- (1 fish) 2.10 lbs.

8th —Brad May —- (1 fish) 1.87 lbs.

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TVBA report

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