Mingo Central brothers meet Nascar legend Jeff Gordon

Staff Report

Recently brothers Kevin and Cody Whitt, along with their mother Annetta, were able to meet four time Nascar champion Jeff Gordon at Bristol Motor Speedway.

The Whitt’s have been longtime Jeff Gordon fans since the 90s, and this was a once in lifetime experience for them. Kevin Whitt, a social studies teacher at Mingo Central High School, secured VIP Gordon access tickets as a gift for his mother and brother along with a tour of a Fox Sports video control room.

His younger brother, Cody attends MCHS as a junior taking classes in the CTE welding program. The Whitt’s presented Gordon with a metal outline of the state of West Virginia with his iconic number 24 engraved in the middle. The sculpture was made by a CNC machine operated by MCHS welding students Luke Heft, Emily Murphy and Zach Kennedy while Cody sand blasted it to create a pitted charcoal look.

When asked if he often receives gifts from fans Jeff responded, “I get gifts from fans pretty often but nothing like this. We’ll defiantly have to get a picture of that!”

He also talked a bit with Cody about the type of machine used to make it. Kevin Whitt stated, “I want to thank Mr. Moore and his welding students for all of the awesome work they do and for allowing us to present Jeff with a truly one of a kind gift on behalf of our state and school.”

Welding instructor Britt Moore commented, “It really shows some of the great work that our students are doing here at MCHS.” When asked how excited he was about the possibility of having his brother as his senior civics teacher next fall Cody glumly stated, “No comment.” The eldest Whitt brother chuckled, “It will be interesting for sure!”

Jeff Gordon is a recently retired four time Nascar champion and current commentator for Fox Sports.


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