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Week 8 was just horrible, that is all.

By William Plaster - [email protected]

I’m sorry readers; I have to apologize for the way things have been lately. Albeit my own fault, but none the less you good people deserve an apology. I haven’t been cranking out my columns the way that I should and there’s no excuse for the slack I’ve been taking.

To get to the nitty-gritty of the situation, this column will have to be about loss. I’m sure a lot of you fine fantasy football players had a few of the major players that were injured in week 8. Leveon Bell, Reggie Bush, Matt Forte, Steve Smith and Kenan Allen to name a few were all part of the week 8 injury disasters.

What do you do when you lose the biggest part of your team? How will you face next week? How will you be able to stand looking at all the other teams who are complete and ready for the upcoming week while you are stuck with the inescapable feeling that without your No. 1 all hope is lost. It’s something almost unbearable if you are as committed to the game as I am. This type of scenario will change you and how you act, the worry and anxiety will cause you to bleed outward all the bad feelings and hurtful thought. A simple conversation around the water cooler can turn ugly at the drop of a hat, “how’s everything been going Bill?” This seems innocent enough as far as small talk goes, but if the destiny of your fantasy team is at the front of your mind there is a good chance that this small talk initiation will turn into a tapestry of obscenities and desperate anger that if the receiver of these words is not a fantasy player there may be cops involved. No one wants that.

Sadly, this is almost unavoidable. Dr. Hunter S. Thompson once said, “If you buy the ticket you take the ride.” True words; from a wise man, and this is just how we have to see it. Just like life, fantasy football is filled with twists and turns, good moves and bad, right decisions and wrong decisions but at the end of the day it’s all part of the game and it’s why we play. I can offer no advice on how to handle these situations. I am as lost as anyone else when it comes to proper etiquette and how to stay even keeled.

Where are we now; we are over half way through the season and things look very grim for some of us. Others who picked players who are still scoring points can live in their world why the rest of us pace back and forth searching for the right answer. If you find it before me, be sure to let me know. Until then we will just have to deal with the taunting, the laughing from our peers, the acceptance that somehow someway we failed. No one expects to fail but it does happen.

The best advice I can offer is to start looking for something new. You may have to find a player that suites your needs for the time being. You may have to find a player that you are unsure of and hope for the best; but fate has handed down this hardship and all we can do is deal with it. The season is not over and there are still games left to play. We haven’t even made it to the playoff push yet. So buck up buttercup and fill that roster spot. Randall Cobb is still out there; he’s a long shot to turn the season around but it could happen. You could go with Giovanni Bernanrd and Jeremy Hill if you can handle the drama that comes with a split backfield; too each his own. The main point is there are options out there.

Always remember, anything can happen on football Sunday, the cards are shuffled and the gamble is great; we can hang in there on faith or we can hang it up and accept our immediate fate. Don’t forget to set those lineups and good luck on football Sunday.
Week 8 was just horrible, that is all.

By William Plaster

[email protected]

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