Exercise your right to vote

Kyle’s Korner …

Tuesday is an important day in our country’s history.

It’s election day and we are voting for a president. In West Virginia you are voting for a new governor and several other important offices such as Attorney General and Secretary of State.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you who to vote for. However, I hope you will look long and hard at the candidates and then decide.

The important thing is to get out and vote. It is your right to do so. If you don’t vote, then you shouldn’t complain.

Many of you may have already cast your ballot in the early voting period. That’s great.

I think citizens of both West Virginia and Kentucky have much to consider when voting for president.

Whether you are a democrat, republican, independent or registered for another third party, you can vote for the candidates you feel will be the best for our region.

I’m sure most of you are tired of the the commercials and the mudslinging. We all are.

But you still need to go out Tuesday and cast your vote.

It is your right.

Kyle’s Korner …
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