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An open letter to Williamson City Council:

The last several Williamson City Council meetings have been both embarrassing and encouraging to us.

It has been embarrassing to hear citizens, members of council and the mayor being rude to each other. We have heard name calling, profanity and raucous behavior from both the council and citizens attending meetings. Both these groups deserve to expect respectful treatment from the other.

It has been encouraging to see so many come out and become involved in their city government. Many citizens spoke before the council with well reasoned and insightful comments and suggestions. An impassioned citizenry should be a positive for our community. We are hopeful that this passion will be used to help our community and provide leadership, rather than merely be critical.

As our city recovers from the shock of the issues we have discovered with our Water Board, the water rate hike and several officials’ resignations, we are asking our council to keep the following in mind:

– The agenda for city council meetings should be posted according to the state sunshine law and copies should be available for citizens in attendance at meetings. Meetings, especially any special meetings should also be noticed according to the sunshine law.

– The council should follow proper procedure for executive sessions and pay careful attention to what can and cannot be discussed in these sessions. The general matters to be discussed in executive session should be listed on the meeting agenda.

– The council should follow the city charter with regard to citizen input and the voices of all citizens should be heard. Council should attempt to fully inform the citizenry and to answer questions to the degree possible.

Given the current atmosphere, the position of mayor may be difficult to fill. We ask that council members take the time to listen and respect the opinions of their constituents in making this decision.

We are all in this together for the sake of our town and its future.


Teresa McCune

Shawn Williamson

and several Concerned Citizens of Williamson

Their View


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