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I am the resurrection

By Jarrod Belcher

Jarrod Belcher

We have now arrived at the fifth of the I Am statements of Christ found in John’s Gospel. In Chapter 11 we find that Jesus’ friend Lazarus has died and when we get to the end of the story Jesus raises him from the dead. But it’s his teaching to Martha before Lazarus is raised that we want to focus on. Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life: He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.” This promise of life is the great promise of the work of Christ. Long ago we were all plunged into sin and promised death because of the sin of our first parents. But it’s not just a physical death that is our inheritance. The worst part is we are all born spiritually dead. It is virtually undetectable upon first glance because the physical body seems to have vibrant life. Yet the Bible declares this fact with passage upon passage that speaks of being dead in our sins and trespasses. We see it in Scripture like it’s a thesis to be proven incontrovertibly, “There is none that does good; no not one.”

For Jesus to be the resurrection and the life means more than raising up our physical bodies. It means that he is able to bring awakening in our spirt to the spiritual death that grips us. Only Jesus is able to do such things. And just as you cannot observe spiritual deadness upon first glance, neither are you able to detect life by simple observation. But it has happened. This is the point that Jesus makes in raising up Lazarus from physical death. Lazarus still must die yet again so this is not the greatest part of the miracle. It is what Christ has done to him in his spirit that has truly saved him. Lazarus has been raised to spiritual life and because of this he will never truly die. It seems today that people are looking for signs and wonders to be found in such things as the healing of our diseases. But the greatest miracle of all is actually when the sinner is gloriously saved by Jesus Christ and brought to repentance and faith in him. That’s a resurrection and life that will have no end.

Jarrod Belcher Belcher
I am the resurrection

By Jarrod Belcher


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