Needles found at school bus stops

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Once again used syringes, probably tossed out by drug users, have been found in some locations that were dangerous to children.

On Tuesday morning, one was found at the bus stop that picks up children for Williamson Middle School on Alderson Street. This is also right across from Ambassador Christian Academy school.

About a block away another used syringe was found at the bus stop near the Bank of Mingo on Fourth Avenue.

Over the past couple of years more and more needles have been found in public places in the area, especially in Williamson. Some have been tossed on the walking track at the floodwall, right outside of businesses in downtown Williamson, on sidewalks and along roadways.

These needles were undoubtedly used by individuals shooting heroin or an Oxycontin drug liquefied down so these intravenous dope heads can get high. They have no regards for the safety of others, let alone young children.

Typical curious kids could pick them up and accidentally stick themselves with the syringe, or just playing around and smaller children could play with the needle and inject themselves. Not only could there be left over residue from the illegal substance like heroin, but these individuals could be infected with the HIV virus or hepatitis.

We all need to be vigilant when strangers or others are in a neighborhood or nearby parking lot. Maybe create Neighborhood Watch groups to help keep an eye out for drug users and burglaries and report suspicious activity to your local law enforcement authorities.

Our law enforcement officers are stretched thin, especially in municipalities. On many shifts they don’t have enough policemen to cover all the areas in the city limits.

But the main issue here is that these dangerous and possibly infected needles are being tossed out in public locations. This poses a very precarious situation for parents and citizens in all of our communities.

Be watchful and be safe and if you find the needles, report it to law enforcement. If you see any suspicious characters in your neighborhoods, report that too.

We can’t let the drug users and criminals have the upper hand. These are our communities and we need to take them back.

(Kyle Lovern is the Managing Editor for the Civitas Media Mountain District including the Williamson Daily News and Logan Banner. He can be contacted at [email protected] or at 304-235-4242, ext. 2277 or on Twitter @KyleLovern.)
Kyle’s Korner ….
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