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Chris Blevins

By Chris Blevins

Guest Columnist

I can hardly believe my son starts his senior year of high school on Thursday, August 11. It seems like just yesterday he started K-4. Where has the time gone? I have a friend that used to warn me to not blink. He said if I would blink too many times my children would be grown before I knew it. I have tried to heed that advice but they have still grown way too fast!

I can at least take comfort in the school he is graduating from, Nolan Christian Academy, which is built on the same foundation of the old Nolan Grade School, where I and most of my family (more people than you could ever imagine) began our journey in education.

I have heard, and said myself, that I miss the way school was operated many, many years ago when I attended school at Nolan Grade School. I have heard those older than me, my parent’s generation, say the same. I understand the schools of my parents were much tougher as well. Most readers have similar fond memories from schools in their communities I am sure.

I understand there are Godly leaders in our public schools. I thank God for them because the Harvest is great and God needs His laborers everywhere. I admire how they selflessly risk all for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Also, just because a school is labeled a Christian School doesn’t mean for a minute that it is perfect. It is obviously easier to share the message of Christ but the belief and acceptance of Christ cannot be forced on anyone. This is not the reason I am so pleased with my son’s school. He is taught the Bible and is surrounded by leaders who are quick to point out their own imperfections by sharing Christ’s perfect love. But I have been blessed to teach my children about Christ in our home which is the duty of every parent or guardian to their children. I want to discuss discipline.

Yes, discipline. This is not the easiest word for students, parents, teachers or leaders to follow. However discipline, along with integrity, are paramount to the leaders at Nolan Christian Academy. Though the leadership never served in the military it does remind me of a military school in certain aspects. Leadership holds the teachers, students and the parents accountable. It is not for every student, every teacher nor every parent. Not everyone can handle military rules and I can say first hand it is no fun. But, as I stated earlier, if you long for a place that is similar to the schools in previous generations, this is a great place. Students are involved in the cleaning of the building. They are taught to respect what God has provided. They are taught to follow the rules of the school. Again, not only the students, but the teachers and parents as well. It doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you do or do not have or what relation you may be to anyone or what relationship you may have with anyone. You follow the rules or you suffer the consequences. I have always heard plain English is easily understood.

The root for both words discipline and disciple (of Christ) are from the Latin word discipulus. That is not plain English lol. However, discipline is very important in discipleship. To be a disciple of Christ there has to be discipline. We parents cannot shirk that responsibility and expect a private Christian school to fill the void even though we pay tuition. But I must say, the school built on that old foundation of Nolan Grade School sure makes it easier. They teach them how to only read rules but how to follow them as well. Blessings

Chris Blevins
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