What lives matter?

Pastor Chris Blevins

By Chris Blevins

Guest Column

Every channel I see on Television, every newspaper or magazine I read, so many posts on Facebook and almost everywhere I turn I am told what lives matter. Let me be crystal clear. Black lives do matter. Let me be crystal clear. Blue (police) lives matter. In fact, all lives matter. I see protests for Black lives and I see protests for Blue lives. I see clashes between police and some peaceful protesters where the police over reach and clashes between policemen and protesters who have no interest in peace whose only agenda is to harm police and destroy and loot businesses with chaos. The answer to these social problems is simply not black and white. No pun intended. This conversation needs to take place but not today in this column.

There is a segment of our population that have suffered more deaths than blacks, whites, Hispanics and policemen combined in social settings. I am talking about babies. Since 1973, there have been 59,190,956 babies murdered in the United States. Today there was nearly 3,000 babies murdered in the United States and tomorrow there will be 3,000 more according to USabortionclock.org. As I stated earlier, all lives matter. I am not questioning any protesters as I cannot read any persons heart. But I do wonder why we do not see people protesting for those who cannot fight for themselves. Why are we not blocking highways, streets, avenues or any road that leads to these slaughter houses called abortion clinics?

As a society we have forgotten about these babies that cannot fight for themselves. We allow politicians to come to our communities and we worry more about the coal that is in our mountains and the money the politicians funnel in than the murders and murderers the politicians not only protect but support. I understand the importance of coal. My dad was a disabled coal miner and I know the suffering of having nothing. I remember the look in his eyes as the mines that he loved claimed his health and ability to provide for us. I fully support coal and miners and so did my dad. My statement above was not made lightly but with much thought and great conviction. At what point did we prefer “The Billion Dollar Coal Field” over “The Bible Belt”?

This article is not a political statement. Every person should study candidates on every level from local to federal and vote their own conscience. I publicly support no one. But I do know politicians who are good men and women and try their best to serve the constituents they represent.

I fully understand this article may be polarizing. The subject matter in and of itself is polarizing. But why? Have we became so calloused and have we had our conscience seared with a hot iron (1 Timothy 4:2) that we cannot perceive or do we choose to ignore evil intentions, particularly as barbaric as murdering babies? Do we approve of murdering babies because our judicial system says it is legal? Are we okay with evil as long as it opens our coal mines back up? I have no answers outside of God’s Word.

We read in the book of Acts chapters 7 and 8 about Stephen. Stephen was stoned to death simply for his belief in Christ. His clothes were laid at the feet of Saul, who had given full consent and approval to Stephen’s stoning. Did Saul throw the stones? No. Did he approve? Yes. This man Saul later had an encounter with Jesus and his name was changed from Saul to Paul and he spent the rest of his life protecting the very people whom earlier he consented and approved to be murdered.

Wouldn’t that be great to see in our world today? Politicians, doctors, nurses and people changed so much by #JESUSISBETTER that they actually protect the babies that they now give their consent to be murdered. It can happen. It has before. #ALLLIVESMATTER, especially those that have no voice.

Blessings, love, joy and peace to all readers no matter your race, ethnicity, vocation and political persuasion.

Pastor Chris Blevins
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