Desperation is a breeding ground for miracles

Chris Blevins

By Chris Blevins

Guest columnist

Desperation. We all have experienced it in some form or fashion. It varies from person to person. Some people are desperate for jobs. Some people are desperate for housing. Some people are desperate for housing. Some are desperate for love and family. The list goes on and on and is legitimate.

Today I want to share two stories from Luke Chapter 8. Here we are introduced to two desperate people. The first one is Jairus. He was a ruler in the Jewish Synagogue. The position he held made him very popular in the Jewish society. He was responsible for the administration of all of the worship, sacrifices, etc… in the Jewish religion at his local Synagogue. He was wealthy and highly esteemed. He no doubt had the finest home, finest modes of travel and ate the finest foods from the finest tables. He had it all. But the day we read about in Luke chapter 8 reveals he has a devastating problem. His daughter is sick, near death, and he needed Jesus to heal her.

I cannot express how uncommon it was for a Jewish Synagogue ruler to fall at the feet of Jesus Christ. In St. John chapter 9 we read the account of the man born blind from his mother’s womb.

Jesus comes by and makes spittle in the clay and rubs it on the blind man’s eyes. He was sent to wash them in a local water source and received his sight. The Jewish church became angry because the healed man would not denounce Christ. It caused a division among the people and among the people and the church. There we learn that the Jewish Church had been excommunicating any person who acknowledged Jesus Christ as Lord and the healed blind man was excommunicated from the Jewish Church. So looking at the story in St. John 9 solidifies the heavy loss that Jairus in Luke 8 was going to experience. A ruler of the Jewish Synagogue falling down at the feet of Jesus meant that Jairus was giving it all up. He was going from the finest Synagogues to the filthiest streets. It didn’t matter to him. His daughter was near death and he loved her more than his family’s position.

While he was waiting for Jesus, a messenger from Jairus’ house came and told Jairus to not bother Jesus, that his daughter was dead. So now we see that Jairus has given up he and his family’s home. Job, livelihood, social status. He went from Hero to Zero quick.

Our Tug Valley population can relate. A lot of people have lost their jobs, livelihoods, etc…

God can revive. We see here that Jesus spoke to Jariu and said “Fear not, only believe, and your daughter shall be made whole”. Jairus believed and Jesus brought his daughter back to life. He was desperate.

Lord, help us to become desperate. Help us to long after you like a deer pants for water.

Next week’s article we will discuss the desperation of the woman with the issue of blood. Love and blessings.

Chris Blevins Blevins
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