Manchin sets the record straight on coal

Sen. Manchin

Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) today released the following statement to set the record straight against false, out-of-state attacks on his commitment to protecting and defending coal miners and the coal industry in West Virginia.

“From my first day in the Senate, I’ve fought against Obama’s war on coal, his out-of-touch public policies, and will continue to defend West Virginia’s way of life against any group, any politician, and any President.

The DC lobbyists and out-of-state billionaires attacking me are trying to fool West Virginians about my record even though they know that no Senator has a longer and more successful record of taking on the EPA and standing up for coal than me.

I am a part of the lawsuit opposing Obama’s Clean Power Plan, standing with Attorney Generals and Governors from across the country. In fact, when I was your Governor, I sued the President and EPA myself. I have written bills that passed the Senate overturning the President’s New Source Performance Standard – a regulation meant to stop the construction of any new coal-fired power plant. And I joined Senator Capito on a separate resolution to overturn the Clean Power Plan itself.

As for the Supreme Court vacancy, only outsiders, billionaires, and DC lobbyists would think it’s right to refuse to do our basic job as Senators and meet with a Supreme Court nominee. That kind of partisan gridlock is exactly what’s wrong with Washington. I was raised with West Virginia values, and West Virginia decency demands that you look someone in the eye and hear them out – particularly if you’re going to vote against them.

I personally have real concerns about Judge Garland’s record, and I’d like the chance to hear every member of the Senate question him on the issues that matter to West Virginia, like our 2nd amendment rights and his position on the Clean Power Plan.

But in case anyone doubts my position, let me be very clear; especially to those outsiders who never grew up in West Virginia. If Judge Garland’s answers are vague, if he doesn’t make clear he will uphold the Constitution and act in West Virginia’s best interest, then I will vote against him – irrespective of what Democrats, the President, or anyone in Washington wants.

That is the West Virginia way, and that is what I will honor.”

Sen. Manchin Manchin


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