Does the popular vote count?

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I read an article that was shared on Facebook that Rep. Candidate Donald Trump may win the popular vote in W.Va., but still lose delegates.

This is the case in other states where delegates are picked at conventions, and the vote of the citizens doesn’t matter.

For years I have been an advocate of the popular vote. If someone wins a state and has the most votes, he or she should get those delegates. But that’s not the case.

In fact, it looks as though Trump may have a huge majority of the popular votes, but still not enough delegates when the Rep. Convention rolls around this summer in Chicago.

It is not logical. That is plain and simple. Whomever wins should be because they received the most votes.

The same goes for the General Election where the Electoral College decides who wins the election. But that is another story for another time.

I am not necessarily endorsing Trump. But, I think that he may lose the Republican nomination because of the ridiculous primary election votes and how they differ from state to state.

The article by Kyle Cheney of states, “It’s a quirk of West Virginia’s mind-bogglingly complex delegate election process that has the Trump campaign on red alert and seems likely to leave the mogul with weaker support at the national convention than he’s expected to earn in the state’s primary. It’s yet another convoluted primary system likely to add fuel to Trump’s complaints that the rules of the Republican nomination process are rigged.”

I have to wholeheartedly agree with this article.

Another thing that I believe is that every primary election should all be held on the same day. We had the Iowa caucus in the winter, then New Hampshire primary. After that, and from week to week we have elections or some sort of delegate convention every other week to pick the presidential candidates for both the Democrats and Republicans.

Now it looks like Trump may still get the GOP nomination by garnering some uncommitted delegates. His staff has apparently learned the system.

There are still a few primaries left, including Tuesday. Of course on May 10 we have the West Virginia Primary. Trump should win the Mountain State by a wide margin, however he still may not get all of the delegates he deserves by winning the vote of the party.

Whether you are a Trump supporter or not – this just isn’t fair. If he continues to win the majority of the votes in his party, then he should be the Republican nominee.

The nominees for all political parties should be chosen by the popular vote. Not by a few who are chosen to be delegates.

Why even have an election?
Kyle’s Korner …
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