Solus Christus; The Creator

Jared Belcher

By Jarrod Belcher

Guest Columnist

Last week in our column we began to talk about the unique supremacy of Jesus Christ. Modern spirituality suggests that all religions have an element of the truth in them and are acceptable paths to heaven or spiritual truth. But Christians worship Jesus and recognize him as the only way of salvation and the only way to reach the Heavenly Father. We believe in the unique supremacy of Christ. Now one can be unique because at some level we are all unique in some way. But there has never been another Jesus and there never will be. He is unique to all prophets and religions in the world. One can also be supreme. But such supremacy is only temporary. Every supreme leader has died or will die and will never be heard from again. But Jesus is supreme in that he is over and above all kings or earthly powers.

The first of the five ways I want to illustrate the unique supremacy of Christ is in the fact that Jesus is the creator of the universe. That alone separates him from all other prophets and sages and spiritual gurus that have ever lived. The universe did not spring into being without a cause. Everything that is was brought into being by Father, Son, and Spirit. Yet Christ himself was never made or created. He isn’t the first thing that was made as some have said. The Bible is clear that he is the self-existent Son of God. John 1:3 says of Jesus, “All things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was made.” And not only is Jesus the Creator of all things with the Father and the Spirit but Colossians 1:17 tells us that in him all things hold together. That means that everything continues to exist because of him. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and he’ll be the same forevermore.

So as we close we want to recognize the unique supremacy of Jesus in this first way: He is the creator and originator of all things. That ought to bring us all into the praise of his glorious name.

Jared Belcher Belcher
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