The Ultimate Provision

Ralph and Elizabeth Pyszkowski

By Ralph & Elizabeth


Guest Columnists

Abraham hiked up Mount Moriah on a divine mission as he expected the worst. He had the mindset to do whatever was asked of him. This would even include sacrificing his only son and giving up his most cherished possession. However, God did not bring him up the mountain to take from him. On the contrary, he would give an unexpected blessing and unveil a wonderful revelation. Isaac noticed that there was fire and wood, but no lamb for the sacrifice. The most important component of their ancient custom was lacking. God was able to look into the future to see the need and made provision. As the story unfolded, the Lord lured a ram on the other side of the mountain and its horns became stuck in the thicket. God provided their needs and confirmed that he is a promise keeper.

It was in this trying situation that God revealed himself as Jehovah-Jireh. This name spoken by Abraham in Genesis 22:14 literally means that the Lord will provide. It is also confirmed in the New Testament in Philippians 4:19: “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” What an awesome promise that covers everything! We have numerous needs but God has multiple promises. What is more important than a promise is the man who makes it. Only God can make thousands of promises and keep everyone of them. He is faithful and has a perfect track record. If he makes you a promise, then he will perform a miracle if necessary to keep it. We are required to put our faith in the Lord and follow him.

Whatever your situation entails, God has a plan and wants you to draw near and allow him to move in your life.

Our ultimate provision was also outlined in this Old Testament story. Abraham thought he would offer his only son for the Lord. Ironically, it would be God who would give his son for us. Our greatest need of salvation was provided through the sacrifice of Jesus. We had an enormous sin debt that we could not pay. All were guilty deserving death and damnation for eternity. We needed forgiveness, mercy, and ultimately a Savior. It would take a pure spotless lamb to pay the debt in full. God saw this need and gave us his only son to die on the cross. It was at the cross that all of our needs were supplied. If you do not have him today then he is your greatest need. The good news is that you were on his mind on the cross and the promise applies to you. It is time that you turn from your sins and surrender your life to him. Ask him into your heart and allow him to become your provider.

(Ralph & Elizabeth Pyszkowski, Your Brother and Sister in Christ.All comments are welcomed at [email protected])

Ralph and Elizabeth Pyszkowski and Elizabeth Pyszkowski
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