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Chris Blevins

By Chris Blevins

Guest Columnist

Wow. I cannot believe I will finish my forty-fifth year on this earth as the clock strikes midnight Thursday leaving December 31. 2015 and enter January 1, 2016.. Where has time gone? Last week I was running around Nolan grade school, a few days later Williamson High School, a few days later marriage and then two kids and now I am 45!

This year we celebrated 2015, the year to which Marty McFly traveled in 1989’s hit Back to the Future Part Two to save his family. Of course we all remember how he traveled back to the 1950’s in the original Back to the Future to help save his mom and dad’s relationship. I wonder what it would be like to travel back in time to visit a younger me. I would have so much to say me.

The first thing I know I have learned is that I have much to learn. One of my favorite sayings is that I smart enough to know how dumb I am. There are decisions, thoughts, actions,etc…. I made in my teens, twenties and thirties that I know i would not make now.

So where would I start this conversation with my younger self? I would first try to convince the younger Chris that he did not know everything. As young people we receive so much wonderful advice from older people that we do not heed. I could have saved myself a lot of heartache and pain had I listened more to advice that was shared to me. I would also tell myself to be swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath as James 1:19 teaches. How many times have I lost my temper quickly over things I cannot even remember? How many times have I interrupted someone whose hair was gray to share my thoughts rather than keep my mouth shut and treasure their wisdom.

I would encourage me to learn to be merciful at a much younger age and to share that mercy with everyone. I would teach my young self that God loves me and that mercy was available for me and would I learn to love myself much quicker. I have made mistakes and have had mistakes made against me. It does not mean that I had bad intentions or those that hurt me had bad intentions. We all did what we felt was right.

Which leads me to my final lesson – forgiveness. I would teach young Chris to forgive quickly and to not hold any grudges. Romans 3 teaches us that All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. We have all sinned against someone. None of us are perfect – no not one. If we wanted we could have a life full of grudges. But at this ripe age of 45 I have chosen to live a life of grace – through Jesus- extended inward and extended outward. Happy New Year!!

Chris Blevins
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