The Ultimate Hero

Ralph and Elizabeth Pyszkowski

By Ralph & Elizabeth Pyszkowski

Guest Columnists

Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler was killed in Iraq about 3 weeks ago. This American Delta Force commando has a heroic story like so many others who served in the military. The Islamic terrorist group ISIS was in the process of executing dozens of prisoners. For this reason, a secret military operation took place at night in an attempt to save their lives. Since time was of the essence, Joshua rushed toward the gun fire and was shot to death. Because of his sacrifice, the mission was a success and many prisoners were rescued. This brave commando gave his life to save many people. He is another example of the extraordinary accomplishments of our veterans and their reflection of a divine plan.

Many veterans like Joshua Wheeler have imitated the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. At one time we were all prisoners to sin and were separated from God. This carried a death sentence according to Romans 6:23: “The wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Since our situation was grim, Jesus came to our rescue and gave his life at the cross. The debt that we could not pay was covered in full at Calvary. Now we can live a life free from the chains and bondage of sin. All can receive forgiveness and salvation through faith in Christ. Jesus was the ultimate hero who is the example of real love and sacrifice.

Scriptures highlight these heroes in John 15:13 “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” Through this we learn what true love is and see it demonstrated through our veterans and the Lord. Jesus does not just give lip service, but proved his love for us with his actions. His love is so powerful that it can lift us from our despair and change our life. If we ask him into our hearts, he will pour out a fulfilling love that only comes from heaven. Even when we become empty, he is like the fountain that never runs dry. It is time that you receive this gift from the Savior. Surrender your heart to God and allow his blessings to overflow in your life.

(Ralph & Elizabeth Pyszkowski, Your Brother & Sister In Christ. All comments are welcomed at [email protected])

Ralph and Elizabeth Pyszkowski and Elizabeth Pyszkowski


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