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When there is a position open with a company or business they usually take resumes and find someone that is qualified for the job.

The Williamson City Council should do the same.

This city needs a mayor. Currently they are being served by a Mayor Pro Tem, who is one of the councilmen. It seems like there may even be some disagreements among the City Council as to who serves in this position.

We’re not sure there are many who are willing to take on such a task for a low amount of pay. The mayor only makes $4,800 per year, or just $400 per month. (City Council members only make $50 per month, or $600 per year.)

It’s basically a thankless job and the same goes for being a member of the city council.

The city government of Williamson has a lot of problems.

There is the $1.2 million debt owed to Veolia, which is probably even more at this point.

There are questions concerning the Utility Board and why they let the debt with Veolia get so out of hand.

There are infrastructure problems like the drain that has collapsed under the street on Vinson Street.

There is also the slide on Goodman Avenue in East Williamson.

The police department is undermanned and barely has enough officers to cover all the shifts.

This city needs a good leader – now more than ever before.

Hopefully there are a couple of people brave enough to take on this daunting task.

Regardless, it is our suggestion that the City Council take resumes and interview potential candidates to fill the void until the next election.

Surely there are a couple of public-minded citizens out there that would like to step in and try to help out the county seat. Perhaps a mayor from the past could step back in for a few months to help out the City Clerk and City Council until the citizens elect another mayor.

However, taking resumes would help the City Council find a qualified candidate. It just makes common sense.

So we hope the council will use logic in this decision.

Our View
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