Contract awarded to fix embankment in Martin County

Press Release

MARTIN COUNTY, Ky. – Repeated backwater from the Tug Fork eats away at roadway embankments the length of the river. One particularly hazardous site, where floodwaters washed sediment out from under the road bed and around a box culvert is on KY 40 at Buck Creek at Warfield in Martin County. After months of right of way negotiations with adjacent property owners, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet was finally able to award a contract to fix the site.

Bush & Burchett of Allen, Floyd County, Kentucky, will install new liners in the double box culvert and extend the drainage structure on each end. The eroded pavement will be repaired with a new asphalt surface. The site is on KY 40 near the KY 2031 intersection.

The contractor plans to begin work right after the first of the year so that the work zone will not interfere with holiday traffic.

The contract, in the amount of $1,288,902.70, gives Bush & Burchett 80 working days from the start date to finish the project. “Working days are different than calendar days,” Westfall-Holbrook pointed out. “Weekends, holidays, inclement weather days, a number of factors affect how long it takes to finish the project. We hope the work will be completed by fall of next year.”

She said the project was delayed due to right of way issues. “We wanted to have this site fixed as soon as it happened,” she said. “In order to do the work properly, we had to acquire some right of way, so we had to go through the right of way process with several property owners. We are delighted that these issues have been resolved and we can now improve the box culvert, the roadway, and the shoulder, and make this section of highway more safe for the traveling public.”
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