Alpha Natural Resources announces 2017 production goal

Plans to produce 13 million tons of coal

Press Release

KINGSPORT, Tenn. – Alpha Natural Resources Holdings, Inc. and ANR, Inc. announce the company’s plan to produce 13 million tons of coal in 2017. Alpha CEO David Stetson says approximately half will be sold into the thermal market for power generation and half into the metallurgical market for steel production, “We have the world’s premier metallurgical coals from multiple mines and high quality, high heat thermal coal production, which, in many cases has been serving the same power customers for decades.”

Stetson says there may be a misunderstanding that the reorganized company exists primarily for reclamation. “With 2,700 employees and 17 active mines and 7 prep plants, we are a fully integrated coal company with estimated 2017 production in excess of 13 million tons. While one of the largest coal producers in the Central Appalachia (CAPP) region, we remain committed to being a good steward of the environment as we honor our obligations to federal and state agencies, as well as the communities in which we operate.”

Stetson also announced Alpha’s plan for capital expansion for next year and beyond. “We are deploying capital that assures our ability to access and mine the best reserves in CAPP with one of the best cost structures in the region.”

The capital projects include developing a conveyor system to connect the Workman Creek reserve base with the Marfork Preparation Plant in Raleigh County, West Virginia, which will provide transportation for 50 million metallurgical reserve tons and will remove coal trucks from local highways. And, expansion is planned for the Kepler mining complex in Wyoming County, West Virginia that will provide access to 15 million tons of premium metallurgical coal.

And Stetson says additional divestitures of inactive assets are likely, “We recently sold the Enterprise Mining complex to Kingdom-Keystone and we are in negotiations for at least three other idle complexes.”

Stetson added, “We expect to be here for the long term, committed and steadfast to return our miners home to their families safely every day, to be a careful steward of the environment, a preferred supplier to utilities and steel producers, and a valuable partner to the communities in which we work and live.”

More information is available in Alpha’s Company Overview 2017 on the coal producer’s website at
Plans to produce 13 million tons of coal

Press Release


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