Maple Walk resident expresses concerns

Council discusses several matters

By Kendra Mahon - [email protected]

WILLIAMSON, W.Va. – During the Williamson City Council meeting Thursday night, Williamson resident Madonna Shapiro approached the council asking for a solution to several problems facing the residents of Maple Walk.

Shapiro told the council several residences on the street were in dire need of cleanup, repairs or demolition.

According to Ms. Shapiro, one residence which is a rental property has not had trash picked up in five weeks and it was becoming a health hazard to the residents. Councilwoman Hairston-Brown said she thought a solution to the problem would be for the city to pick up the trash and bill the homeowner of the rental property for the cost.

Ms. Shapiro also mentioned a home which was vacated some time ago by the homeowners and the weeds have taken over and need to be cut, she also mentioned the house was in bad shape and in her opinion probably needed torn down.

Shapiro, also expressed concerns about a wall repair that was long overdue, Jason Allen with Veolia explained to Ms. Shapiro the repairs would be made as soon as the department could get the materials.

Williamson Fire Department Chief Joey Carey approached the council with news of the county commission’s decision not to accept the offer to lease the county owned ambulance to the city.

Chief Carey explained to the council this was not the city’s only option and he was in the process of contacting vendors to purchase an ambulance. He also said that in addition to the monies the city had already secured for the proposed lease, he had been contacted by outside sources who offered to make donations to help purchase a unit for the fire department.

The chief also asked for the council to approve a fireworks show slated for Halloween night at the Williamson Fieldhouse football field, funds have already been secured for the fireworks show and Extreme Pyrotectics from Ohio is contracted to provide the display.

Sergeant John Hall with the Williamson Police Department asked the council when the funds would be released to pay the down payment on the four new cruisers which are at Stephens Auto Center in Danville, W.Va. awaiting the initial down payment.

The council approved the purchase for the cruisers several weeks ago and the money to purchase the cruisers was secured through a grant from the USDA rural development.

Jason Allen updated the council on the storm drain repair on Vinson Street.

Allen told the council the estimated cost of repairs is around $13,000 and it still has not been determined if the property is private or owned by the city, so until that determination is made repairs will be put on hold.

The next city council meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 1 at 6:00 p.m.
Council discusses several matters

By Kendra Mahon

[email protected]

Kendra Mahon is a reporter for the Williamson Daily News. She can be reached at [email protected] or 304-235-4242 ext 2278.

Kendra Mahon is a reporter for the Williamson Daily News. She can be reached at [email protected] or 304-235-4242 ext 2278.

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