City Clerk addresses sanitation billing for Williamson residents

WILLIAMSON – Williamson City Clerk, Larry Brown, recently addressed several issues that have occurred in the process of changing sanitation billing for Williamson residents.

Recently, new billing software has been implemented for sanitation billing. This has caused billing issues for some customers. “The city is in the process of changing the sanitation billing software. In the process of changing software, some customers did not get billed because their accounts did not carry over. We also have had issues with credits not being applied to accounts of customers who have paid ahead,” Brown said.

To address the issue, customer accounts are being reviewed to ensure accuracy. “We are currently in the process of going through each account, by street, comparing them to the old software to correct any errors that we find,” Brown explained.

If a customer feels that there is an error in their billing, Brown requests that they contact the City Clerk’s Office. “I ask that if someone receives a card in error, receives a card that does not reflect them paying ahead, a senior citizen does not receive their discount rate, or a customer that has not received a bill at all to please contact the City Clerk’s Office immediately so we can make sure all accounts are accurate,” Brown stated.

Brown apologized for any inconvenience the billing changes have caused Williamson customers. “We are working diligently to correct all issues that have occurred due to this change in software and apologize to the customers for the inconvenience this may have caused,” Brown said.

The telephone number for the City Clerk’s Office is 304-235-1510.

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