TVHS bridge nearing completion


Press Release

NAUGATUCK – Delegate Justin Marcum is pleased to announce that the new bridge at Tug Valley High School is nearing completion. The bridge will connect the school to U.S. Route 65, near the Bank of Mingo. It will open up the area around the new football field and upcoming baseball and softball fields. The bridge has been in the works for years and it wasn’t until Delegate Marcum passed a House Resolution that forced the Department of Highways to build the bridge.

“I am humbled that this bridge is now a reality”, stated Marcum. Both Delegate Kominar and myself have worked on this for years. “It truly is a blessing for the Tug Valley community to see this bridge built and the other work we have done with the fields and facilities there,” reiterated Delegate Marcum.

Tug Valley High School’s football field was opened last year after the community came together on Delegate Marcum’s plan to build the new field. “We all came together last year when the State asked me to help them find a place to dump the dirt from a huge slide we had encountered and I told them Tug Valley”, stated Marcum. He added that the “community was an instrumental part in helping me with my vision to build the bridge, football field, and other facilities. I commend everyone for their help and time with this,” Marcum added. Marcum Law Office also bought Tug Valley a new, state-of-art scoreboard.

The new bridge at Tug Valley was contracted to open in October but it is ahead of schedule. It is rumored to be opening up before school starts this year. Delegate Marcum spoke with contractors and believes the new timeline is accurate and the bridge could open in the very near future. He will be having a ribbon cutting ceremony at a future date.

Marcum said he wanted to commend the Mingo County Board of Education, former Delegate Steve Kominar, Delegate Harry Keith White, Principal Johnny Branch, Monk Sartin, Everett Hannah, James Ed Baisden, Randy Lackey, Dr. Donovan Beckett, Committeeman Jerome Marcum, and many others for their help with this job. Marcum said he also wanted to give a special thanks to Michael Spry at the WV Department of Highways for his help in the group effort.

Delegate Justin Marcum represents the 20th District in the House of Delegates. He said there are future plans for both Tug Valley and Mingo Central High School’s athletic facilities.

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