Police make several arrests; officers, EMTs assaulted

By Madalin Sammons - [email protected]

SWRJ Mugshot Justin Russell

WILLIAMSON — Justin Russell, Teddy Michael Hackney, Jerry Hackney and Sheena Mounts, all of Williamson, were arrested after Patrolman Jarrod L. Marcum who was dispatched on an alleged overdose. While in route, the officer was advised that the call was believed to be domestic related.

On arrival, Marcum located Russell and Sheena Mounts outside the residence with both showing signs of intoxication. Marcum asked Russell to remain seated on the porch. While being checked by EMS, Russell became combative and struck two of the EMS workers. Russell was tased with little affect as he continued to fight with Marcum, into a chain link fence and the muddy yard. Russell was finally restrained even though he still continued to fight back to his feet.

Upon placing Russell into custody, Jerry Hackney exited his home and hit STAT EMS personnel. Blankenship also attempted to hit STAT EMS employees. During the altercation Mounts attempted to obstruct Marcum and EMS staff while ignoring officers orders to stays seated. Both EMS workers and law enforcement received injuries during the altercation including facial contusions, back strain, sprained shoulder, sprained right hand and abrasions to the arm.

Donald Ray Vance, 56, of Dingess W.Va., was arrested after WVSP Trooper R. L. Jennings who received a call through Mingo County 911 of a fight between two males in progress in the community of Dingess. Upon arrival, Jennings spoke with Tracy Moore and Donald Vance, who were sitting on the couch in the living room. Jennings noticed two large lacerations on Moore’s stomach and hand and a large amount of blood in the room. Vance claimed that Moore pulled a knife on him opening the blood after the two engaged in a verbal altercation.Vance further claimed that he cut Moore twice on the hand and across his stomach.

Robert Dewayne Wilson, 32, of Williamson, was arrested after MCSD Deputy B.T. Sipple and Corporal N. Mines were attempting to serve a pick up order on Wilson. The officers found Wilson hiding in the back bathroom in the shower. Wilson came out of the shower and swung at Mines, then struck him in the chest. Wilson then swung at Sipple and hit him in the chest. The officers gave commands for Wilson to stop resisting and to put his hands behind his back. Wilson refused to comply and kept trying to pull away from the officers to get outside.

Mark Edward Berry, 49, of Lenore W.Va. was arrested after he was driving while in city limits of Matewan. Deputy B. T. Sipple was advised that Berry had wrecked the vehicle into a ditch and left the scene after hitting a vehicle head on. The officer made contact with Berry and attempted to stop his vehicle when he tried to flee from the officer with lights and sirens on. Berry realized he could not flee and Sipple was able to make contact with him when he noticed a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from him. Berry admitted that he had been drinking beer and when Sipple ran Berry’s license, he discovered they had been suspended on a previous DUI with conviction. Once the officer was at Williamson Memorial with Berry, he attempted to jerk away from Sipple and tried to get away.

Carl D. Salmons, 50, of Turkey Creek Ky., was arrested after Trooper R. L. Jennings who was conducting routine road patrol in the community of Delbarton. Jennings noticed a ford ranger with an expired MYI and conducted a traffic stop. Jennings ran Salmons’ driver’s license through the WVSP communications and was advised that his license had been revoked with an active DUI.

Darrell Kevin Adkins, 37, of McCar Ky., was arrested after Deputies B. T. Sipple and J. D. Endicott, received a call of a MVC in Red Jacket and the driver had left the scene. The officers found Adkins in his vehicle down the road from the accident with his vehicle still running. The officers ran Adkins’ license and found out that they had been revoked due to a DUI in the state of Kentucky. Adkins was not able to show proof of insurance.

James L. Muncy, 45, of Delbarton, was arrested after he failed to report earnings from employment from Preece, LLC when filing an unemployment claim from July 12, 2014 until November 15 2014, receiving approximately $8,000 total in benefits for these weeks to which he was not entitled. Each false statement or failure to report is constituted as a separate offense.

(Criminal Complaint Forms and Warrants are public information. The forms are provided to WDN by the Mingo County Magistrate Clerk’s office and all information reported is taken directly from the forms unless otherwise noted. It is important to remember that all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.)

SWRJ Mugshot Justin Russell
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By Madalin Sammons

[email protected]

(Madalin Sammons is a reporter for the Williamson Daily News. Madalin can be reached at [email protected].)

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