Aracoma’s Story opens this week

Leah Vance Photo Aracoma’s Story opens this week at Chief Logan State Park.

Staff Report

LOGAN – Our region lays claim to one of the most beautiful love story’s of all time. “The Aracoma Story” blends tales of the Shawnee Indians with the story of two young lovers from different world’s. Boling Baker (portrayed this year by Dakota Browning), a British scout from General Braddock’s Army during the French and Indian War, is captured in 1756 by the Shawnee, led by Chief Cornstalk (played by Leroy Mullins). He is forced to ‘run the gauntlet,’ and moments before being burned at the stake, is rescued from death by the Chief’s daughter, Aracoma (played by Hayley Haynes) who is impressed with his bravery. Eventually Baker gains their trust and is adopted into the tribe. When the princess comes of age, she splits off from her father’s village and moves a new group of Shawnee settlers to what is now Middelburg Island in the Guyandotte River. This is actually what we know as Logan, W. VA. today. They marry and have seven children. All of, whom die tragically young from smallpox

The cast is also made up of Roger Burdette (The Mountain Man), Amber Richards (Lizzy), Kaitlyn McCloud (Elly), Rylee Beth Mills (Martha Jane), Donnie Pritchard (Ronnie), Nathaniel Chapman (Dawes), Kenny Gibson (Elijah), Kenny June (Lt. Chapman), Steve Botsch (Medicine Man), Scott Pritchard (Crazy Wolf), Kaity Dingess (Dreamteller), Haleigh Baker (Oceana), Chief Logan – Justin Anderson, Garrett Dehart, David Spurlock, Daylan Jemerison (all suitors), David Spurlock (Fish Hunter), Ridge Meade (Waulisippi), Madilyn Loftis (Snow Lilly), Sydney Browning (Blue Feather), Kenny Gibson (John Gibson), Rhonda Farley (Ruby Galloway), Krista Ellis (Rebecca Smith), Emily Ferrell (Mary Louise), Kenny Jude (George), Nathaniel Chapman (Luke), Maddy Akers (Tater), and Billy Bell (Fiddler).

Rounding out the cast: Seera Jones, Alyssa Goff, Blake Goff, Brennan Goff, Halie Woody, Kirsten Millner, Tammy Browning, Madison Hall, Emily Wallace, Riley Gibson, Emmitt Loftis, and Brittany Hodges.

The show will be presented Tuesday through Saturday (July 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and July 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th) at the Liz Spurlock Amphitheater in Chief Logan State Park. The drama will begin at 8:30 p.m. For ticket information, visit (304) 752-0253.

Leah Vance Photo Aracoma’s Story opens this week at Chief Logan State Park. Vance Photo Aracoma’s Story opens this week at Chief Logan State Park.


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