Branchland man sentenced to federal prison

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. – A Lincoln County man was sentenced Wednesday, July 6, to eight years in federal prison for conspiring to illegally distribute oxycodone and other prescription pills.

Timothy Hallam, 34, of Branchland, was part of a drug scheme that involved prescription pills brought from Florida for sale in West Virginia.

From May 2012 through May 2014, Hallam conspired with individuals in Florida and Lincoln County to distribute quantities of oxycodone, also known as “Roxicodone,” and other prescription pills. Hallam further conspired with individuals in Lincoln County and Florida to launder the proceeds of the oxycodone distribution by depositing the proceeds in to bank accounts in West Virginia owned by Lester W. Taylor, the source of the oxycodone, so that Taylor could withdraw the proceeds from his bank accounts in Florida. The money was deposited in West Virginia in an effort to conceal the source of the cash as drug proceeds, to conceal Taylor as the source of the pills, and to conceal the location of the proceeds of the pill distributions.

Beginning in May 2012 and continuing until May 2014, Hallam obtained oxycodone pills from Lester Taylor, who resided in Florida, for distribution in Lincoln County, West Virginia. Taylor acquired oxycodone pills in Florida and West Virginia and would front the pills to Hallam and other individuals in Lincoln County to distribute. Once Hallam sold the oxycodone pills in West Virginia, he would deposit the proceeds in to L.W. Taylor’s bank accounts at various banks in Barboursville, West Virginia and Huntington, West Virginia. Once the money was deposited in West Virginia, L.W. Taylor and others would withdraw the money in Florida. From May 2012 through May 2014, Hallam deposited approximately $40,325 in drug proceeds into L.W. Taylor’s bank accounts in Barboursville for withdrawal in Florida.

The case was investigated by the West Virginia State Police, the IRS-CID, the Metro Drug Enforcement Network Team, and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Staff Report


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