Red Cross has blood shortage

Southside Mall to hold blood drive

Staff Report

The Red Cross has an emergency blood shortage. Blood units are dangerously low and they are being sent to hospitals faster than donations are arriving. This is an emergency, and we are calling all eligible donors to give blood this week.

The Independence Day holiday means fewer blood drives and more donors on vacation. This makes the need for blood donation volunteers this week even more critical.

Without more donations, patients could face delays in critical treatment. Combine a shortage with reduced donations during a holiday week, and it increases the risk that kids fighting cancer, older adults battling chronic illnesses, and trauma victims could face delays in getting immediate care. Don’t let that happen.

The Red Cross is extending hours at many locations. We know it can be hard to take time off work to donate. So in light of our current crisis, we’re making it easier to donate in the evening.

Schedule to donate at the South Side Mall, 275 Mall Rd,South Williamson, Ky. on July 15 from 1:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Southside Mall to hold blood drive


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