Boone County elects change

Richard Ojeda

By Terry Bartley

For Civitas Media.

MADISON – Richard Ojeda pulled off a major upset by defeating incumbent Art Kirkendoll of Logan County for District 7 State Senator in the Tuesday Primary Election. Ojeda will go on to face Republican, Jordan Bridges in the General Election. Ojeda recently made national news for being physically assaulted just days before the election. Ojeda believes his attacks had a specific intention.

“I don’t understand why he would do anything like this, other than the fact that I really believe this is politically motivated,” Ojeda said.

Ojeda’s victory is just one of many that involve the defeat of the incumbent. Susan Kimbler ousted Gary Woodrum from the Board of Education, while Charles Gibson retained his seat in an unopposed race. Additionally, Roger Toney beat Gary Williams by a large margin for the County Clerk’s office. Other races involving the defeat of an incumbent include Bobby Hale’s victory over Cynthia Jarrell for Family Court Judge, Division 1, and Neil Byrnside and Danny Moore, Jr.’s victories for Magistrate in Divisions 1 and 2.

In the West Virginia House of Delegates, Democrats Jeff Eldridge and Gary McCallister will be going up against Republicans Michael Moffatt and Zack Maynard for the 22nd district, while Rodney Miller will be running unopposed in the 23rd district.

Boone County voters also voted to improve their civic services, passing levies to increase funding for the Boone County Emergency Ambulance Service, the Fire Protection Service and the Public Libraries. The Senior Citizen Nutrition Levy also passed.

In the race for sheriff, incumbent Randall White retained his seat. In races not involving incumbents, Scotty Cook beat Susan Baisden for Assessor, Reggie Woodrum beat Grady Hayner for Conservation District Supervisor and Johnny McClure beat Kenneth Bias for Surveyor.

Richard Ojeda Ojeda
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