Delbarton man arrested after fleeing cops


MATEWAN – A Delbarton man was arrested after allegedly fleeing from law enforcement attempting to conduct a routine traffic stop for failure to obey a stop sign and ignoring a railroad crossing gate.

Donald Jay Baisden, 26 from Delbarton, was arrested Friday, March 25 by Patrolman L. Ross of the Matewan Police Department. Deputy S. Messer of the Mingo County Sherriff’s Department provided assistance in the arrest.

According to a criminal complaint, the officer witnessed Baisden run through a stop sign and a railroad crossing gate in the town of Matewan at the intersection of Bridge Street and Mate Street.

After observing the traffic violations, the officer activated blue lights and sirens in an attempt to stop Baisden.

Baisden then fled from law enforcement; passing three vehicles in the process. While Baisden was in the process of fleeing, the officer also observed Baisden to have two faulty tail lights.

After Baisden had successfully fled for approximately half a mile, his vehicle became disabled. It was then that the officer was able to make contact with Baisden and observed the smell of a strong alcoholic beverage on Baisden’s breath.

Baisden was detained while officers waited for the Mingo County Sherriff’s Department to provide assistance. When Deputy S. Messer arrived, he conducted Standardized Field Sobriety Tests on Baisden. The tests indicated that Baisden showed signs of impairment.

During a PBT test, Baisden’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was shown to be 0.274. The Intoximeter test indicated that Baisden’s BAC was 0.201.

Baisden also has one prior conviction for DUI which dates back to June 2008. Baisden faces several charges which include the felony offense of fleeing from an officer in a vehicle, reckless driving, reckless fleeing, two counts of passing in a no passing zone, aggravated DUI second offense, two counts of defective equipment, two counts of failure to stop, failure to stop at a railroad gate, and fleeing DUI.

If convicted of fleeing from an officer in a vehicle, Baisden faces one to five years imprisonment in a state correctional facility and could be fined up to $2,000.

Information in this article was obtained by use of a criminal complaint which is public record. A criminal complaint is merely an accusation and those named should be considered innocent until proven guilty.

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