Candidate profiles needed

Attention Candidates,

In support of the upcoming election, Civitas Media will provide a special Meet the Candidates section in the newspaper during the month of April. This special section will highlight candidates by position and location. To ensure that your platform reaches voters in your area, participation is strongly encouraged.

Submit your profile and platform information of 300 words or less to the editorial staff in your area by Friday, April 8. Advertising specials will be available throughout March and April. A head shot will appear for free with your profile with the purchase of an advertisement. A photograph may also appear with your profile without an ad for a nominal fee.

Once your profile is complete, it may be emailed to the editorial staff in your area. For your convenience, a list of local advertising representatives has also been made available below.

Submit profiles to:

• Logan: [email protected]

• Williamson: [email protected] or [email protected]

• Coal Valley: [email protected]

• Pineville: [email protected]

Advertising Staff:

• Robin Richards: [email protected] Telephone : 304-688-7544

• Cindy Moore: [email protected] Telephone : 304-928-9156

• Amanda Lester: [email protected] Telephone: 304-785-9814

• Breanna New: [email protected] Telephone: 304-784-7421

* Anthony Sheppard: [email protected] Telephone: 304-784-0139
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