Progress in Hornetville

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Heavy equipment is shown working at the new Athletic Complex at Phelps, Ky.

PHELPS, Ky. – By early October the Phelps Hornets plan to be playing a home game underneath the lights of their brand new Athletic Complex.

Work began a little more than a year ago to build all new ball fields. Plans include new football, baseball, and softball fields as well as a new complex building and new state of art press box. The press box will be conveniently located between the new baseball and softball fields to allow total coverage if two games are being played at once, something the Hornets have been deprived of in the past with only one field available.

Pike County Board of Education member Kenneth “C.B.” Billiter said, “The community has really embraced and supported this project.” He said local businesses have contributed to its completion.

Community Trust Bank purchased two brand new scoreboards and local coal company has made equipment and personnel available to keep plans moving ahead of schedule.

Billiter said a small group was against the project in the beginning. “They believed it couldn’t be done in the space and time available,” Billiter said. The one word he hates the most is the word “can’t.”

The new fields will be located where the old elementary school and once stood. A historical landmark will be placed on site to commemorate the old Charles “Poke” Wolford gymnasium.

The Hornets have been forced to play almost all games on the road since construction began. The home games were played at Vipperman Stadium located at Belfry Middle school.

Phelps has had some athletes depart to surrounding schools during this transition. Billiter said, “We want to give the children of this area better opportunities.”

Phelps High School is comprised by children from the Majestic, Knox Creek, Freeburn, Phelps and Kimper areas of Pike County.

Pike County Athletic Director Ancie Casey said that “everything has been going very well, the private contractor hired to do the site work has done a very good job and has stayed on schedule.”

Casey mentioned that parking space was defenitely in consideration while the plans were being constructed. A loop that will circle both the baseball and softball fields will add space to the already planned parking lot. Phelps High School will have enough available parking to host playoff games at their new facility.

The new football field recently recieved its first batch of new sod and the roots are already taking hold.

Everything in “Hornetville” is growing.

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