Elk Creek man arrested for stabbing

ELK CREEK – Keith M. Nichols, 35 from Ragland, was arrested Saturday, Jan. 30 on misdemeanor and felony charges related to malicious assault, brandishing a deadly weapon, trespass and child abuse.

According to a criminal complaint, Nichols was arrested by Deputy D.S. Nunley and Patrolman J. A. New after he physically struck his juvenile son.

After the juvenile was removed from the home, Nichols allegedly went to the residence the juvenile was taken to without permission.

Nichols was reportedly asked to leave the house by the victim, Steven Grimmett. Nichols allegedly refused to leave the residence and began to fight with Grimmett.

During the fight with Grimmett, Nichols allegedly wielded a knife and stabbed Grimmett. Following the stabbing, Grimmett was taken from the residence by E.M.S workers.

If convicted of malicious assault, Nichols faces two to ten years in a state correctional facility. Malicious assault is defined as causing bodily injury with the intent to “maim, disfigure, disable or kill.”

If convicted of brandishing a deadly weapon, Nichols could be fined up to $1,000 and sentenced to up to a year in the county jail.

Information in this article was obtained by use of a criminal complaint which is public record. A criminal complaint is merely an accusation and those named should be considered innocent until proven guilty. The names of juvenile victims are not released in news articles.


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