Guilty verdict returned for Renner

By Kyle Lovern - [email protected]

Prosecutor Maynard

WILLIAMSON – The Mingo County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has been busy since returning to work following the Christmas recess.

On Monday, January 4, 2016, a Mingo County Petit Jury returned a guilty verdict in the matter of State of West Virginia vs. Carl Renner. Renner of Dingess, West Virginia, was convicted of burglary following the one day trial.

Mingo County Prosecuting Attorney Teresa D. Maynard presented the case on behalf of the State of West Virginia. The State’s case in chief consisted of testimony from two eye-witnesses, Elaine Whittaker, currently of Lenore, West Virginia, and a minor.

Both witnesses testified that they discovered Renner in the Dingess home of Elaine and Jim Whittaker. The Whittaker’s had been absent from the home for several days due to the hospitalization of Mr. Whittaker. A lock box was later discovered missing from the residence.

Following his conviction, Renner was remanded to the Southwestern Regional Jail at Holden, W.Va. to await sentencing on January 19, 2016. Renner is exposed to a maximum sentence of one (l) to fifteen (15) years in the custody of a state correctional facility.

“Carl Renner was a neighbor of Elaine and Jim Whittaker. He was aware of Mr. Whittaker’s illness and the family’s absence from the home. He saw an opportunity to benefit from someone else’s misfortune, and he took it. Such actions are reprehensible, criminal, and will not be tolerated by the Mingo County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.” said Prosecuting Attorney Maynard.

Mingo County Circuit Judge Miki Thompson presided over the trial.

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Prosecutor Maynard Maynard

By Kyle Lovern

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