Tug Valley Choral to present Christmas Concert

Event will be held this Sunday

Staff Report

WILLIAMSON – Robert Carlton President of the Tug Valley Choral Society, and on behalf of Sam Steele, Vice President and Judy Hatfield, Treasurer, and all the members of the choral society, cordially invites each and every one in the Williamson area to their Christmas concert celebrating the reason.

The concert is free and is an annual event for Christmas. It shares the spirit of Christmas, and season of Christmas, and will be held on Sunday, December 6, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church located at 29 W. 6th Ave., Williamson, W. Va.

The choral society is made up of members of many of the local church choirs and in addition this year we are excited to have a few of the students from the Mingo Central High School and Tug Valley High School.

“We are excited to announce that for the Christmas Concert, Cecil Varney, Choral Director at First Presbyterian Church is the director for our choral society concert and he has been directing all the practices leading up to the concert. He is a former Choral Society Director with a degree in music and in addition he has a law degree,” Carlton said.

“Over the years we have had several choral directors including most recently Sarah McVaney who due to the schedule has been unable to continue as director. We do want to thank Cecil Varney for all of his services over the years and keep in mind he is still director of the Tug Valley Arts Council which presents numerous events each year,” added Carlton.

There will be a reception held immediately following the concert in the social hall of the Presbyterian Church and there is elevator access to that location from the main sanctuary.

“We want to thank Dianne Maynard our concert pianist without whom we could not practice nor perform. We also want to thank First Presbyterian Church for allowing us to practice each week and to perform there this December,” said Carlton.

“We want to thank Williamson Daily News for ad designs and other assistance.We want to thank Southern W. Va. Community College for taping the service and airing it later on channel 17 the college educational channel. And we want to thank all who donate since the expenses are about $800 per concert for music, advertising and gratuities,” Carlton said.

“We want to thank all our members for their dedication in attending practices and the service and we are always looking for additional members of the Tug Valley Choral Society. So be sure to be present at the concert to discuss with us during the reception the upcoming practice schedule for the spring concert,” Carlton stressed.

“So keep in mind Sunday, December 6, 2015 at 4 clock p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church located at 29 W. 6th Ave., Williamson, W. Va. to be present for our Christmas concert and the reception that follows immediately thereafter. Join us for a great way to brighten your spirits this holiday season in these challenging times by hearing the songs of faith and adoration sung about Jesus Christ and songs of family and friends being near and recalling the memories of Christmas past, present and future,” Carlton concluded.



Event will be held this Sunday

Staff Report

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