Cross drain replacement on KY 319

Will cause long traffic delays near Narrows Branch

Staff Report

HARDY, Ky. – Three cross drains that run under the pavement on KY 319 in Pike County between Big D Mart and Narrows Branch will be replaced in the next week or so by maintenance specialists at Highway District 12’s Canada Maintenance Garage. KY 319 runs from US 119 at Toler to KY 1056.

The first two drains are located between mile points two and three, near the Big D Mart. The third one is at mile point 4.9 just north of Narrows Branch. It will take the better part of a day for each site, so the work will take a total of three days.

Shane Hatfield, Canada Superintendent, said the crew was scheduled to begin today, but this type of job cannot be done in the rain. “We will start on the first clear day after Wednesday. That is Veterans Day and is a state holiday. The weather is supposed to clear up later in the week, so we hope that we can start on Thursday or Friday. If the weather holds out, that means we will be working into next week to finish. We will have everything fixed so that people can use the road at night and on the weekend.”

Hatfield said they will wait until about 9:30 or 10 a.m. to start and hope to be finished at each site by 2 or 2:30 in the afternoon. “We hope that traffic will be lighter between 10 and 2 so we won’t inconvenience very many people. Everyone should expect long delays, though. It can’t be helped. We have to cut across the pavement, remove the old drain, install a new one, fill around it, and then repave the roadway.”

The drain replacements have been needed for some time, Hatfield said, and definitely need to be fixed before winter. “We just had to figure out a way to get the new drains in with the least amount of disruption to traffic. We have a plan; we just hope the weather holds out and that people will be patient and understanding about the delays.”

There are no alternate routes that people can take, so Hatfield said that in cases of medical or first responder emergencies, they will have a way to accommodate a fire truck or rescue and law enforcement vehicles on short notice.
Will cause long traffic delays near Narrows Branch
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