Belfry High boasts the new Food Literature class

Matt Mills

By Matt Mills

Belfry High School

GOODY, Ky. – Of all the new programs that Belfry High School boasts, the new “Food Literature” class is one of the most interesting.

In this unorthodox class, students learn about classic literature, while also learning how to cook. A senior English class taught by Jonna Banks, students also read healthy eating articles along with sections of different novels, from which they derive recipes. The class has already made classic dishes such as fried apple pie, and even more are soon to come.

The class is already paying dividends to the students in community service; according to Banks, the students are catering a community leaders luncheon. Of course, there are still the traditional reading and writing assignments that come with any English class.

However, the class still revolves around the message of combining a quasi home economics experience with one of the four core subjects. Banks says that she’s “Using food in unconventional ways” to teach her students a vital lesson. Not only are they being exposed to literary classics, but they can also become one step closer to self-sufficiency.

After all, learning to cook for oneself is one of the most important lessons we all must learn as we transition into adulthood.

Matt Mills Mills
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