Mingo Central celebrates College Week

Courtesy Photo Several Mingo Central students visited the campus of Marshall University last week for College Week.

By Faith Hensley

Mingo Central High School

“It’s never too early to think about your future,” reminds Mingo Central counselors. “Some of you are seniors, which means you only have a few months left. College is creeping up on you, and you need to be thinking about these things now!”

Therefore, in order to encourage this thoughtful behavior, Mingo Central declared October 19th through October 23rd College Application and Exploration Week, filling the week with plenty of informative, fun activities centered on post-secondary education options.

On Monday, a representative from Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College visited the high school to talk to the Class of 2016 and provide students with accurate, up to date information about SWVCTC’s degree programs, enrollment requirements, and cost.

Then, on Tuesday, all seniors met in the school’s media center to apply for colleges. All students applied to SWVCTC in order to prepare –if nothing else- a back-up plan as SWVCTC has a one hundred percent acceptance rate.

“You never know what is going to happen in your life. Even if you have no interest in SWVCTC, you need to apply,” insisted Latisha Marcum, Mingo Central’s senior counselor. “You might have plans to go to a four-year college somewhere farther away from here, but if something happens and you need to stay close to home, we really want you to have Southern in your back pocket as an option.”

Tuesday was also College Colors day, so Mingo Central students of all grades reported to school wearing their favorite college’s colors and merchandise. The following day, Wednesday, was Hats Off to College Day; therefore, students wore hats supporting their choice universities.

Following this on Thursday, the majority of the senior class embarked on a field trip to tour Marshall University in Huntington, WV. For some students, this was their first exposure to a real college campus.

“Marshall was absolutely beautiful,” remarked senior, Toby Hatfield. “I am just so thankful I got to see it. I really may apply there.’

Hatfield was only one of many students to feel this way. Senior Miranda Smith also spoke highly of the trip, “I have always loved Marshall. It has been one of my top choices for a long time. Getting to walk the campus was a lot of fun, and I liked getting to experience it with all of my friends. I really do see myself becoming a member of the Thundering Herd. After this trip, I am even more confident in my choice to apply for Marshall’s Yeager Scholars!”

The trip to Marshall University included a presentation from an MU faculty member, a group tour, a visit to the MU Bookstore, and lunch at the Harless Center. The trip was most definitely not only fun for the students, but extremely beneficial and educational.

Finally, to close College Application and Exploration Week, Mingo Central partook in Spirit Day! All of the college-bound seniors -along with many of the underclassmen- rallied together to sport their Miner colors. The day also included a pep rally and group picture as well as the signing of the 2015-2016, “I Applied!” banner. This banner is a Miner tradition. It includes the signatures of all of the school’s seniors who prepared for the future by applying for college during the week. This banner will proudly hang in the lunchroom next Monday.

“We may all end up at different colleges, wearing different colors next year, but right now, we are a family,” said Smith. “And I am so glad to have spent the last four years with the Class of 2016.”

Courtesy Photo Several Mingo Central students visited the campus of Marshall University last week for College Week.
http://williamsondailynews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/web1_MarshallMCHS.jpgCourtesy Photo Several Mingo Central students visited the campus of Marshall University last week for College Week.

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