Recent BOE personnel decisions

By Courtney Harrison - [email protected]

CINDERELLA – The Mingo County Board of Education approved a number of personnel decisions at Tuesday’s regular meeting held at the central office location.

Three were approved for new employment as substitute teachers including Sauber Cantees, Corbyn Fields, and Rhodella Vanover. Several were approved for new employment into existing teaching positions including Andria Curry, Cynthia Glasscock, Leslie Hagy, Kevin Hatfield, Elizabeth Houck, and Kelli Walker.

Five individuals were approved to transfer into existing positions. Those approved for transfer include Deborah Butcher, Brandon Cline, Jodi Sesco, Eric Wolford and Kathy Woodruff, and Henry Dillon.

Several were approved for reassignment as classroom teachers. Those approved for reassignment include Patricia Bartram, Jason Blankenship, Randi Bowen, Sarah Carey, Taylor Elkins, Stephanie Endicott, Jessica May, Felicia Messer.

Board members voted to renew probationary contracts and offer contracts for the 2017- 2018 school year for the Mingo County Extended Learning Center. Adult education funding has been confirmed for the upcoming school year and members voted to approve Tammy Gilman, Kimberly Messer and Kristi Parsley- Adams for positions at the extended learning center. Members also voted to renew a probationary contract for James Fraley at Matewan PK-8.

Numerous individuals listed as substitute teachers were approved for termination due to returned mail and/or the individuals were not listed in the substitute calling system. Those approved for termination include Laura Adkins, Jo Agnes Anderson, Preston Berry, Nancy Bishop, Judy Brown, Karen Canterbury, Sue Chaffin, Patricia Clark, Jacqueline Clusky, Thomas Damron, Lowell Herbert Dawson, Susie Deskins, Sherry Dotson, Anthony Mike Edwards, Robert Ellis, Anna Elswick, Linda Epling, Elizabeth Evans, Debra Farrell, Alvin Fletcher, Kara Gess, Margaret Goff, Sallie Hall, Janet Hanshaw, Hallie Harless, Judy Harmon, Belinda Harness, Noble Harper, Cecil Hatfield, Ivadenne Hatfield, John Hatfield, Sharron Hill, Janice Hoke, Hilton Hoke, Elizabeth Houck, Kayla Hudgins, Hazel Hunt, Franklin Jones, Brenda Justice, Christa Lester, Lana Lodato, Stephen Malcolm, John Maynard, Rose McCoy, Marcella Mounts, Grace Elizabeth Neace, Barbara Perkins, Mary Peterson, Leann Pierce, Thomac Preece, Joschua Rowe, Gladys Rutledge, Phillip Smith, Susan Smith, Carl Sparks, Velma Starr, Anna Stepp, Carole Steele, Michelle Steele, Jackie Thompson, Ruby Thompson, Patricia Tingler, Dianna Toler, Chadwick Varney, Janith Varney and Paul Ward.

Three were approved for assignments for assistant softball or baseball coaching positions. Those approved include Alfred Belcher, Jarrid McCormick and Robert Ooten.

Four were approved for new assignments for the 2017- 2018 school year. Those approved include Channing Daniels, Tara Ellis, Craig Hart and Kevin Hatfield.

Board members also approved a number of service personnel decisions.

Three individuals were approved for substitute service personnel positions. Those approved include Dianna Bragg, Ruth Kirk, and Robert Preece.

Four were approved to transfer into existing service personnel positions. Those approved include Conda Dotson, Hiram Justice, Margie Merritt, and Angela Sheppard.

Board members approved five to be removed from unassigned and assign in positions effective July 1, 2017. Those approved include Donna Estepp, Andrew Hoffman, Andrea Mounts, Roberta Toler and Crystal Wellman.

The resignation of David Justice as substitute bus operator was approved. The retirement of Ray Mullins as bus operator was also approved.

Two were requests for leaves of absence were approved. Sara Chapman and Deloris Chambers requests for leaves of absence were approved.

Two were approved for new service personnel assignments for the 2017-2018 school year. Those approved include Robert Channell, and Joan Crawford.

Several were approved for assignments for the summer of 2017. Those approved include Steven Alley, Pamela Booth, Christine Cline, Corbyn Fields, Logan Lester, Robert May, Marie Richardson, Lorie Chafin, Freda Church and Dreama Pruitt.

The next regular meeting of the Mingo County Board of Education will be held June 13, 2017.

By Courtney Harrison

[email protected]

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