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Family Life

By Dawn Reed

Dawn Reed

When we go to eat Mexican, my BFF Kaylena usually sits with me. (She’ll be three next month.) She loves technology way more than me and always has her Mom or Dad’s I-phone. She watches videos or plays games while we wait for our food. Kaylena is partial to Curious George, PBS kids, and Larry from Veggie Tales but she is C-R-A-Z-Y about Frozen. She watched a bunch of it last night and kept saying, “Miss Dawn! Miss Dawn!” over and over again so I could see her favorite parts.

She talked me through each scene, eating her rice and chips sideways so she didn’t miss anything. “Here’s where Anna gets hurt!” she told me. When I talked to the others at the table, she patted my arm to bring me back to the tiny screen. “Anna is singing!” she announced, “Elsa is in her room.”

We watched Anna grow up before our eyes singing to Elsa’s closed bedroom door. And then, it was Elsa’s coronation day. She would be crowned queen on her 18th birthday!

“Olaf!” Kaylena cheered loudly, “He’s a punny towman!” and then cracked up laughing. “He’s a punny towman!” she said again slapping her leg like an adult.

I’d heard an unbelievable number of children and adults marvel at the magnificence of Disney’s latest creation: Frozen. “It’s the best Disney movie ever!” they all declared. I’d seen t-shirts, dolls, and backpacks. Why, you could find ANYTHING with Elsa, Anna or Olaf on it! Girls of all ages could sing every line of “Let it Go!”

A friend loaned me her copy of the movie so I could enjoy it at home. My daughter grew up with Disney Princesses. We know Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast by heart. So, I had high hopes as I watched it.

Ho-o-ly cow!!! I was stunned! I still don’t understand! Is it just because I’m older? That can’t be it. Lots of Granny’s and MaMaw’s have professed their love for Frozen. Are they taken in by the beautiful music or pretty hair of the princess sisters? Idk! (That’s ‘I don’t know’ when you’re texting.)

Even now, I’m shocked. In my opinion, and that’s just what this is, it was by far the saddest Disney movie thus far-and I’ve seen Pocahontas! I love Disney movies, really, but this? Maybe it’s because I have an older sister who’s blonde.

Here’s how I saw it: Elsa accidentally zapped her younger sister Anna with her freezing powers when they were little. Her parents took her to some kind of troll king (never a good move) who healed her and erased her memory. Elsa was locked up in her bedroom for years. Meanwhile, Anna has no clue what’s going on; no one has told her ANYTHING! She regularly goes to Elsa’s locked bedroom door to sing, longing for her to come out and play. And then, as in most Disney movies, the parents died. It was heart-breaking! (Nicholas Sparks would have loved it!)

At the coronation, Elsa came out of her bedroom on her 18th birthday and was crowned queen. Elsa had to take off her special freeze proof gloves to hold her new scepter for just a second. Later, she flipped her wig. Younger sister Anna has fallen for the first young man she meets. Elsa froze the entire kingdom in ice and ran off to the mountains to be all on her own. Pretty serious stuff. When Elsa sings “Let it Go” it seemed like she was cold to the core. She pretty much said she didn’t care what anyone thought, and that she didn’t need anybody else.

I was still astonished as the credits rolled. I wanted to sing “Let it Go” myself but for different reasons.

I’ve remembered all this as Kaylena has pulled me back to her movie. She has it at the Anna singing outside Elsa’s locked bedroom door. I just couldn’t keep it in any longer. I looked my almost three year old BFF in the eye and said, “They should have told Anna what was going on and let her play with Elsa.”

“But she has MAGIC in her hands,” Kaylena explained.

“Then she just needed to wear gloves all the time,” I finished. And she probably could have used some therapy, too, I thought.

Our daughter has a problem, so we’re going to lock her in a room for more than A DECADE? I’m thinking big fat ‘No!”

I will probably be un-friended or deleted over this, but I can’t keep it in any longer. I have to “Let it Go…Let it Go…” I can’t say, ”The cold never bothered me anyway…” I’m cold ALL the time and would have frozen to death in the ice castle!

Dawn Reed
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Family Life

By Dawn Reed

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