Judge of All Mankind

By Jarrod Belcher

Pastor Jarrod Belcher

In the past few weeks I’ve talked here about the Unique Supremacy of Jesus Christ. What sets him apart from every other religious prophet or guru is what sets Christianity apart from every other religion that has existed. We have discovered so far that Jesus is uniquely supreme because he is the Creator, the Revealer of God, the Savior of Men, and the Risen Lord. We now close out this series by focusing on how Jesus is the Judge of all mankind.

In Matthew 25 Jesus says that there will be a Judgment Day in which he shall judge all the people of the earth. In Acts 17:31 Paul says of Jesus that God has fixed a day on which he will judge the world in righteousness by a man whom he has appointed. All of this is another way of emphasizing that the way to Heaven and the way to the Father is in Christ alone. You may not go any other way. Why is this? God has given us his Holy and Righteous Law. It is perfect in every way and God has demanded that mankind keep it. That presents a very big problem for every person that’s ever lived. We are all lawbreakers and because of that we are under the wrath of God for rebellion against him.

But God has provided a way of deliverance. It isn’t that he decides he won’t be a God of justice for Christians. He does not lay aside his justice. God’s justice is satisfied when his wrath for their sins is poured out on the Son of God who has willingly taken their place. The Father is so pleased with the Son and his perfect work of keeping the Law that he raised him from the dead. Therefore he has given all authority to the Son and part of that authority is that he has made him the judge of the living and the dead.

Now we can know that forgiveness of sin and the way to the Father is through faith in Christ alone. God’s severe mercy to us is expressed in giving his authority to the one who suffered for the sins of the very ones he would ultimately pardon.

Pastor Jarrod Belcher
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By Jarrod Belcher


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