The Loving Father

Strength for the Moment

Pastor Chris Blevins

Have you ever wondered what it was like when God created you? I can imagine Him softly smiling, love beaming from His eyes. I envision Him gently sweeping His fingertips over our faces; creating dimples and deciding where He wants to place that last freckle. I see Him passionately looking at you, as He plays your story in His mind, every beautiful, messy, glorious and heart breaking moment. Only a heart as big as His could contain the joy, pride and love that He feels at that moment. Finally, He gently lifts your head, breathes life into your bones, and holds you in His arms.

I wanted to give you a glimpse of the way that I believe God feels about us to let you know and pray that you realize this life changing truth: You are not a mistake. Your life matters. Where you are now matters. This season, no matter how dark or ordinary it may seem, matters. God placed you here and now on purpose, it was not an accident. You are called. The dreams bubbling inside your heart are meant to be pursued.

All God needs from you is a willing heart, a clay vessel. I promise that when He looks at you He doesn’t see the mistakes and the wounds that we see. He sees His child, to whom He gave His very breath. He sees purpose beyond pain and beyond mistakes. He sees fresh ground to plow where we see ruins. He sees a warrior where we see a fearing heart. He has had plans for you from the very beginning. Let His love invade your heart and change your world. Try and envision the unfathomable depth of the love that He has for you. You’ll never understand it because our human hearts can’t comprehend the way that He loves. It’s passionate, relentless, reckless, un-containable and absolutely flawless.

“ Heaven meets earth like a sloppy, wet kiss and my heart turns violently inside of my chest, I don’t have time to maintain these regrets when I think about the way that He loves us.”- John Mark McMillian

The lyrics sloppy wet kiss are meant to be thought of in a childlike way. When a baby reaches up to kiss you it is always a little messy. They don’t have full control over where their lips land and it seems that they somehow can fit your entire face in between their sweet little lips. That’s the way it is when Heaven meets earth. Christ, who is perfect in every way, has chosen to collide with us. We’re messy, we make mistakes, we’re sloppy, but God, being the loving Father that He is, loves to meet us. When that precious little baby kisses you, you soak up every moment, the sloppiness is beautiful and you cherish it with your whole heart. God cherishes us in that way, He cherishes us in mistakes, pain, joy and everything in between. You are precious to Him because you’re his child and He’s your Father.

Pastor Chris Blevins Chris Blevins
Strength for the Moment
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