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Chris Blevins

Fantasy Football

Growing up in the Tug Valley was an amazing experience. There are so many wonderful events that I am able to share with my children. One of the many is sports rivalries. It is hard to explain in detail just how heated sporting events could get. Consolidation of schools and the mass exodus of jobs have left the rivalries all but distant memories.

I am a sports fanatic. I have my favorite teams and I root for them heartily. It is hard for me to root for a player on another team. I don’t want anything bad to happen such as an injury nor do I exactly root against them I just do not cheer them on. A Red Sox fan does not root for a Yankee. A Laker fan does not root for a Celtic. A Cowboy fan doesn’t root for the Eagles, Giants or Redskins. A Buckeye does not root for a Wolverine. And a Wildcat does not root for a blue devil. This is how it has been for generations.

So now we see the popularity of “Fantasy Sports” skyrocketing. It is hard for someone like myself to embrace Fantasy Sports for I don’t root for players on other teams. In my generation we rooted for our favorite teams. The new generation and many others root for individual players on different teams that they themselves have constructed through a fantasy draft, fantasy trade or from the fantasy wire.

Now, this is a religious column and I am sure you are wondering what Fantasy Sports have to do with anything of that nature. The popularity of various denominations over the past generations has been a lot like rooting for your favorite team. I am a Baptist, I am a Pentecostal, I am a Catholic, I am a Methodist, etc… This is a sad but true indictment. I admit to being part of it.

But now I see a generation that instead of rooting for just one team (denomination) they realize that good Christian people can be found in all denominations and rather than close their mind off and not root for them because they are not part of the same denomination they realize other people on other teams have value. Yes, I will say it, God wants a Fantasy Team!

Psalms 133 explains how blessed it is when Christians live together in unity. In fact, Scripture says in Unity blessings are commanded. God is not interested if you are a Pentecostal, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian or any other denomination. God is highly interested if you have simply accepted His son Jesus Christ as your Savior. Jesus didn’t create denominations. Those are man made. God does have a Fantasy Team and be sure that you are on it!

Chris Blevins Blevins
Strength for the Moment
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