Old Moose lodge comes down

September 3, 2014

By Lil Felix


WILLIAMSON - Demolition of the former Moose Lodge building on Second Avenue and erection of an employee motel for Norfolk and Southern train crews who must spend the night in Williamson is on schedule to be completed by mid- to late February 2015, according to Jerry Vandelinde, superintendent of Jarrett Construction.

The eight-month project began last June with the removal of the iconic Moose Lodge sign. The demolition started with asbestos removal, which required two 30-yard dumpsters. The asbestos was located mainly in the floor tiles and tar paper on the roof.

This type of asbestos is not airborne, but hazardous-materials removal suits were worn by workers despite the fact that there was never any threat to the general public. The asbestos measured approximately two-tenths over the legal limit required for special removal. The asbestos-filled dumpsters were sealed and wrapped in plastic for disposal in the West Virginia state-approved asbestos disposal site located in the Charleston area.

Many residents of Williamson and the surrounding area are saddened to see the demolition of the Moose Lodge, which held special memories over the years for many. The Moose Lodge played host to many events from wedding receptions and birthday parties to holiday gatherings. The Moose Lodge restaurant also provided an environment for making memories while serving many family and business dinners.

The new building to go up on the site will be home to Motel Sleepers, Inc., a new two-story, wood structure, which willl feature 22 rooms to accommodate NS Railroad employees. The motel also will have a 24-hour kitchen for guests only.

Jarrett Construction, owned by general contractor John Jarrett, is celebrating it’s 15th anniversary this month and has completed several construction jobs in the Williamson area, including the new building in the railroad yard and reconstruction performed on the historic Coal House in downtown Williamson.