Burglary suspects arrested; stolen property recovered

By Hayley M. Cook

June 9, 2014

By Hayley M. Cook


WILLIAMSON - The following defendants were arrested in Mingo County over the past week. Their names and the charges they face are as follows:

Leona Donielle Evans, 21, and Troy Cecil Ross, 33, both of Ragland, were arrested for the burglary of more than $1,000 worth of stolen items.

The defendants were pulled over by deputies and, according to the police report, agreed to have their vehicle searched after deputies reportedly noted the vehicle had been involved in a burglary earlier that day.

Upon searching the vehicle officers said they found an Apple IPod ($300), GPS system ($400), and three knives ($180), among other items that belonged to Walter and Teresa Cline. The defendants reportedly conspired together to steal the items.

Christopher Savage, 31, of Chattaroy, was arrested on charges of attempted nighttime burglary and trespassing after being asked to leave.

Savage reportedly used a crowbar to attempt to break into a garage attached to the residence of Theresa Elkins, then was told by the homeowner to leave. Savage left but attempted to break in again. He was once more told to leave, and obliged.

The next morning, however, after the homeowners left, Savage allegedly broke into the house and stole more than $500 worth of items.

Pamela Hackney, 50, of Chattaroy, has been charged with failing to register as a sex offender life registrant. Officers were notified by neighbors and current residents of the defendant’s prior residence that she had not lived there for the last several months. Her whereabouts are not known at this time.

Sidney Ryan Hurley, 19, of North Matewan, was arrested on a charge of domestic battery. The defendant reportedly punched his 17-year-old sister in the side, causing pain to radiate to her left leg. The victim reportedly told police that Hurley was in her face, screaming and physically threatening her.

Stephanie Hunt, 23, and James Maynard, 29, both of Delbarton, were arrested on several charges, including conspiracy, nighttime burglary, petit larceny, and destruction of property.

The defendants worked together to destroy a door and enter Cheryl and Adron Mahon’s apartment building. Maynard reportedly took two cell phones ($250), along with a wallet containing approximately $20 in cash. The items stolen equaled a value of less than $1,000.

Denver Hatfield Jr., 43, of Red Jacket, was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

The defendant reportedly wrecked his vehicle, striking an AEP power pole and snapping in in two. Upon the arrival of officers, two empty beer cans were allegedly found in the vehicle, along with four unopened cans. The defendant then reportedly admitted to drinking up to 26 cans of beer before the accident.

Upon further investigation, officers allegedly found the defendant’s license had been revoked for unpaid citations.

Lora Lafferty, 31, of Dingess, violated a protective order when she called her estranged husband, “harassing him about child support.” The victim advised that he has an Emergency Protection Order against Lafferty, and contacted police.

Ronald Vance Surratt, 45, of Wise, Va., was arrested on charges of false pretenses and uttering.

The defendant reportedly obtained a signed check from Wanda Slone of Slone Trucking Co. to purchase apportioned tags, at an approximate cost of $600. The defendant instead used the check to purchase five trucks from the victim, Carl Kirk of Kirk Trucking Co., in the amount of $153,000.

The defendant then allegedly took the trucks out of state.

Mark Smith, 41, of Turkey Creek, was arrested on charges of domestic assault and domestic battery.

Officers arrived on scene reportedly to find the victim, Summer Soward, who said Smith, her ex-boyfriend, would not leave the apartment after being asked. Smith reportedly threatened Soward, then grabbed her by her hair and struck her across the face.

Kenneth Allen Marcum, age unknown, of Kermit, was arrested for stealing an ATV belonging to Ernestine Richardson. The defendant then allegedly drove the ATV to Kentucky, where he sold it for approximately $250. The approximate value of the ATV is said to be $6,500.

All defendants were arraigned before Mingo County magistrates and will be making an appearance in court on their respective charges.