February 13, 2014

BUFFALO MOUNTAIN - The Chief Ranger for the Hatfield McCoy Trails Law Enforcement Division made an arrest on Tuesday, in a case that involved the theft of hydraulic jacks from a piece of equipment doing construction on the Buffalo Mountain Trail System.

Roy Lee Morris, 33, of Williamson, was taken into custody by Chief Ranger John Hall Jr. and Williamson Police (WPD) Patrolman Jarrod Marcum, and was arraigned in Mingo County Magistrate Court by Senior Status Magistrate Kim Blair on charges of receiving and transferring stolen goods, after an investigation was opened into the theft of hydraulic jacks from a 2010 Cat D5KXL Dozer that was on a job site on the Hatfield-McCoy trail.

The dozer had not been in use since Jan. 21 due to the inclement weather and the missing jacks were discovered on Feb. 7, when the dozer operator returned to finish the job.

The day before the theft was reported, WPD Patrolman Marcum had contacted Hall and asked if the trail system had any jacks missing, and thinking the officer was referring to floor jacks, advised him no. After investigating the thefts on the trail, Hall recontacted Marcum and was told they were in fact, hydraulic in nature, and was provided the name of two suspects that were believed to be involved.

Upon arriving at the home of Morris and searching the property, the jacks (valued at $14,512.51) were located behind his residence, along with a yellow bag with spacers and pins that were valued at $144.44, for a grand total of $14,656.95.

Morris was remanded to the custody of the Southwestern Regional Jail at Holden on a $5,000 bond, where he remained until he met the requirements and the stipulations for release. He is scheduled to appear back in court for a preliminary hearing on these charges on Feb. 20th, at 9 a.m. This investigation remains open and according to Hall, additional arrests are pending.