Pike County restaurants undergo inspections; two local eateries receive unsatisfactory scores

Rachel Baldwin rbaldwin@civitasmedia.com

January 22, 2014

Rachel Baldwin


PIKEVILLE, Ky. - The Pike County Health Department has released the results of its most recent inspections, with several in the Tug Valley area receiving “less than desirable” ratings.

A perfect inspection score is 100 percent; 85 to 100 percent indicates compliance with health department guidelines and 70 to 84 percent means the establishment must be reinspected within 30 days. If problems have not been corrected, the restaurant faces possible closure. Sixty to 69 percent means the establishment will have five days to request a hearing to show why it should be allowed to continue operation and 59 percent or less means an automatic and immediate closing.

Receiving passing scores of 90 percent and above were the following establishments:

Belfry Senior Citizen’s Center, 100 percent; Thoroughbred Steakhouse at the Southside Mall, 100 percent; Big Creek Pizza at Sidney, 93 percent; Kentucky Fried Chicken in S. Williamson, 94 percent; Taco Bell in S. Williamson, 92 percent; Long John Silver’s of S. Williamson, 95 percent; Blackberry Senior Center, 97 percent; Wendy’s of S. Williamson, 93 percent; Williamson ARH, 95 percent; El Azul Grande in S. Williamson, 94 percent; Sav-A-Lot at Goody, 96 percent; Dairy Queen at Goody, 92 percent; McDonald’s at the Southside Mall, 93 percent; Giovanni’s at the Southside Mall, 92 percent; Peking II at the Southside Mall, 93 percent; Velocity Market and Deli at Toler, 92 percent; Belfry High School, 98 percent and Bevins Elementary at Sidney, 94 percent.

With a score of 86 percent was the Walmart Supercenter of Goody, with critical items being deli-slicers not clean to sight/touch, dried food particles on food contact and non-food contact surfaces. All problems were corrected during the inspection.

Food City of Goody received an overall score of 85 percent and also corrected its problems of meat slicers, choppers, and potato slicers uncleaned/unsanitized during the inspection, as well as knives in the meat room that were stored under a slicer that were not clean and not sanitized.

Captain D’s received a score of 86 percent for reasons of wastewater coming from a three-compartment sink and hand sink water that employees were walking through, and food was also stored in an improper manner.

Pizza Hut in S. Williamson scored 80 percent, with inspectors stating that the dishwasher was not sanitized properly and not at proper temperature, and the outside dumpster enclosure had a hole in the back of it that was found to be draining liquid waste onto the river bank, discharging it over the hill into the water below.

Papa John’s Pizza in S. Williamson received the lowest score of local eateries - 74 percent. Personal items were stored in the walk-in cooler along with the food for sale; no dates were marked on food, and by law must have discard dates; the can opener was not clean to the touch or sight, nor was it sanitized. A dirty ash tray was stored on top of clean pizza pans, the hand sink had been removed from its location so the employees had to utilize the restroom to wash their hands or were forced to use the compartment meat sink.

Updates to these inspections will be provided to the public as soon as they are made available.