No plans to extend W.Va. Route 10 closure

By Debbie Rolen

September 17, 2013

W.Va. Route 10 was closed at Lyburn after rains and slides left the area unstable and too dangerous to allow traffic to travel through as construction crews tried to work and constantly clear debris. One vehicle had already been hit by debris, then crushed as crews struggled to clear the narrow road, which had rock on one side and a drop to the railroad tracks on the other.

Two main detour routes were set to allow construction crews to work unimpeded for 90 days. Motorists have endured bad roads and longer commutes since July.

W. Va. Department of Transportation Communications Specialist Carrie Bly says several calls have been received about rumors regarding an extention of the project and a later date for re-opening W.Va. Route 10.

“The Department Of Highways has not been made aware of any request for a time extension,” said Bly, “The contractor has moved about 280,000 cubic yards of material. The project is now more than 75 percent complete. As of now, they are still on schedule to complete by late October, in range of the initial 90 day closure request.”

W.Va. Delegate Rupert “Rupie” Phillips visited the site at Lyburn on Saturday. He spoke with the project manager, who told him they were all tired, but they plan to be done on time.

“They all tell me they will meet their deadline. I see them working any time I am around the area, and I can see they have made significant progress,” said Phillips.

The road is scheduled to be re-opened within thirty days.