Sexual abuse charges dismissed against Wharncliffe resident

By Kyle Lovern

August 28, 2013

Rachel Baldwin

Staff Writer

WILLIAMSON - A Wharncliffe man that had been charged with sexual abuse has been cleared of the allegations and received notification in magistrate court that the felony charge has been dismissed.

The allegations had been made against Randall Spence by Amy Browning, who claimed that the incident occurred on July 17th of this year. Browning later recanted her statement and said that she wrongfully accused Spence of the crime and according to the defendant, was coerced into filing the false statements against him.

Spence had been arraigned on the charged and had been released on a $10,000 property, which he received back once the charges were dropped. The motion to dismiss was signed and dated by Prosecutor Matt Chandler on August 8, after the alleged victim failed to appear for Spence’s preliminary hearing. Chandler had spoken with the female via phone conversation and she voiced her wish to drop the sexual abuse charge.